Companies that load, unload and transport dangerous goods may be subject to the requirements of the transport regulations known as ADR, for land mode, RID, IMDG and IATA for rail, sea and air mode respectively.

Dangerous goods are substances, mixtures, objects and wastes falling within one of the hazard classes identified by these standards.

The provisions concern the training of personnel assigned to activities relating to dangerous goods; the classification, labeling and packaging of the same, documents and methods of shipment, construction and equipment of the vehicles.

Furthermore, pursuant to ADR, every company whose activity involves the transport of dangerous goods, or packaging, loading, filling or unloading operations, connected to such transport, is obliged to designate one or more consultants for the safety of the transport of dangerous goods in order to prevent risks to people, property or the environment.

What we can offer


We can identify the products, objects and wastes that fall within the scope of the transport regulations, define what obligations they place on you and we can provide technical support to help you meet these requirements

Assess the implications of the obligations on your company’s procedures, establish the timelines for meeting compliance obligations

Verification of activities and documentation in order to identify possible non-conformities and implement a correction plan


The Legislative Decree n. 35/2010 implements the obligation of the ADR to appoint a consultant for the safety of the transport of dangerous goods

The consultant is a professional and qualified figure, in possession of a certificate issued after passing an exam that supports companies in the procedures for the transport of dangerous goods

With the service of appointment and assignment of consultant for the transport of dangerous goods pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 35/2010 we assist companies in the organization, management and implementation of activities that lead to a reduction in the risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods


We classify your goods (substances, mixtures, objects and waste) according to the ADR criteria, we choose the most suitable type of packaging, we prepare the labeling and documentation that must accompany the goods during transport


Dangerous goods shipped by sea, by air or by rail fall under the obligations of the IMDG, IATA or RID regulations

Our assistance will allow you to identify the goods and obligations; classify, pack, label, and prepare documentation and shipment of goods


Our courses cover the main obligations deriving from the ADR / IMDG / IATA regulations and are managed in such a way as to provide basic or advanced training depending on the activities that people are required to carry out in relation to dangerous goods

We also organize courses to prepare for the exam as a consultant for the safety of the transport of dangerous goods


Registrations, authorization, support with SIEF and SDS.


The best SDS software available


Notifications, SDS and training.


Risk evaluation, notifications and labelling.