Regulation (EC) no. 1907 / 2006- REACH is the European legislation on chemicals and one of the most complex and multifaceted regulations of the Union. The REACH regulation considers substances from production to use, from import to inclusion in articles.

Registration of substances is the best known procedure introduced by the REACH regulation: manufacturers and importers of substances, mixtures or articles are obliged to submit to ECHA a registration dossier containing information on the chemical-physical, toxicological and eco properties -toxicological of the substance imported or manufactured in quantities exceeding 1 tonne per year.

The other procedures that may involve fundamental changes to company activities are: the Authorization of substances included in Annex XIV and the Restriction of uses of a substance (included in Annex XVII).

Communication along the supply chain is another founding principle of the REACH regulation: manufacturers, importers and downstream users must share information that allows safe use of chemicals with each other by submitting the safety data sheet.

What we offer


We evaluate your obligations and the timing to submit a REACH registration

We send one inquiry to ECHA, we contact the SIEF, we handle all communications and information that needs to be shared with other registrants

We compile your registration dossier with IUCLID, the program used by ECHA to ensure that information is presented in a consistent and structured form


We identify substances used that are subject to authorization or restriction

We assist you if a substance is included in Annex XIV, therefore subject to Authorization

We identify the prohibited or permitted uses of a substance included in Annex XVII (subject to Restriction)

We define a strategy for the gradual replacement of highly dangerous substances with less dangerous ones in your production cycle


We identify which products fall within the definition of an article as required by REACH

We define strategies to identify the Candidate List substances contained in the articles, also evaluating the communications of suppliers

We adapt communication along the supply chain in the case of articles containing substances listed in the Candidate List

We prepare the notification dossier to ECHA for substances in articles


We draft and review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as required by the REACH Regulation

We evaluate, insert and / or integrate the relevant Exhibition Scenarios (ES) to the safety data sheet (Extended Data Sheet, eSDS)

For more information on the SDS service see HERE


Our courses cover the main obligations deriving from the REACH regulation as well as communication along the supply chain and the drafting of SDSs

Courses at your company, with specific topics or particular methods, can be organized according to individual requests


Notifications, SDS and training.


The best SDS software available.


Risk evaluation, notifications and labelling.


External consultant and training.