SDS and labelling software (automated PCN notifications)

The safety data sheet (SDS) is the document with which information on the risks and related management measures of hazardous chemicals (raw materials, paints, detergents, etc.) is transferred along the supply chain.

The SDSs include, in fact, information on the properties and hazards of the substance or mixture, instructions for handling, disposal and transport and first aid, fire prevention and exposure control measures.

The REACH Regulation has defined when and who must provide an SDS prepared according to the provisions of Annex II, as amended by Regulation (EU) no. 2015/830.

The safety data sheet must be updated whenever new information on hazards becomes available or on the need to adopt different risk management measures.

In some cases, no safety data sheet may be necessary, the supplier must in any case provide sufficient information to ensure safe use and / or in compliance with the various regulatory obligations (authorization, restriction, safety at work, transport of goods, etc.).

The SDS must also be accompanied by the exposure scenario, a set of conditions of use and risk management measures for the identified uses of the substance contained in the product during the chemical safety assessment.

What we offer



Chemeter is the software for the drafting of SDS and labels in compliance with European and extra European regulations developed by SIAM SL and distributed in Italy by Chemicals Consulting

Chemeter generates the SDS through the use of an automatic calculation, adapted to the country in which it is marketed and compliant with the specific regulations of the sector in which it operates, respecting the format (title of the sections, legislative phrases, etc. …), the official language, applying country-specific environmental threshold limit values and listing the country’s legislation in section 15.

The peculiar characteristics of Chemeter are:

– the SIAM® DATABASE rich in substances and related information necessary for the compilation of the SDS (CLP / GHS classification, chemical-physical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data),

– classification according to the specific GHS adaptation for more than 50 countries,

– constant updating of national and international functions and regulations.

Chemeter allows you to create the UFI code for your products and automatically prepare the notification to be sent to the ECHA PCN Portal.

SDSAREA – Management system for the automatic sending of SDS

SDSAREA is an automatic SDS management system, which allows you to monitor their sending and receiving without the limits of a classic e-mail (MB, spam, etc.) and which can be integrated with other management systems

Customers receive notifications and documents relating to products purchased in the official language of their country, can access them at any time, have the most up-to-date version available


We will draft the SDS for your products classified according to the CLP or GHS criteria as required by the REACH regulation or by regulations in force in non-EU countries (the service covers more than 50 countries)

We will attach the relevant exhibition scenarios to your SDSs, selected from those provided in the annex to the raw material sheets or directly developed by us


Our courses cover the main obligations deriving from the REACH and CLP regulations in order to allow products to be correctly classified, to prepare communication along the supply chain and to draft the SDSs in compliance

The training will allow you to recognize errors in the SDS received and to understand which obligations derive from the information reported in an SDS and how to interpret and use the attached scenarios


Registration, authorization, SIEF support and SDS.


Authorization of BIOCIDES or PMC products.


Risk evaluation, notifications and labelling.


External consultant and training.